Get to know Ultimate

Rhys de Greef, Reporter

It’s time again for the BBHS ultimate frisbee team to start their winter season, so it’s a great time to learn some more about the sport. All though it may not be as popular among spectators as a sport like football or basketball but it still has its dedicated fans. 

Senior Alec Brush had to say this about the sport.

“People don’t really think about when they think of high school sports, but you don’t really need to be on a team it’s fun either way.”

Ultimate frisbee is a sport that you can play almost anywhere and at almost anytime, it’s easy to head out with a group of friends and the only thing you need is a frisbee. While a team is not a necessity to play, it’s just as fun. 

Former BBHS Ultimate Frisbee player Sam Houck said this about being on the team.

“Being on the ultimate frisbee team was super fun. It’s a sport that doesn’t really take much to play and it’s honestly just a good way to relax and let out steam.”

Luckily for Ultimate Frisbee players the new season is right around the corner and people are already excited. 

Dylan Lee played on the team last year and is looking to join again this year.

“I’m excited for the new season, last year was a fun time and I think this year will be the same. It’s always fun for me to play ultimate frisbee though so i play it all year anyway!”

All ultimate frisbee players agree that the sport is one that almost anyone can pick up. There is something in it for everyone and it’s great exercise. The sport has also seen a steady rise in popularity over the last decade so now is a great time to start. 

“I always see people in parks and stuff playing it,” said former team member Max Klauser,  “and people are usually willing to let you join if they’re just playing for fun.”

So with such a welcoming community and its easy-to-pickup nature, Ultimate Frisbee is a great sport for anyone to play!