Green is Gold

Lauren Jarman, Reporter

As winter approaches, Bishop Blanchet’s students of the Green Team work their hardest to clean our planet and spread awareness of environmental issues. 

The Green Team consists of students with a passion for conservation and are constantly brainstorming new ways to make the cafeteria, bathrooms and classrooms more sustainable. These environmentalists have plenty of ideas and activities that contribute to the wholeness of our planet. 

“A huge thing our team puts together is Earth week” said senior Kayla Richardson, “there will be an assembly along with other activities throughout the week”. 

Team members have a strong hope that Earth week will result in students being more mindful of their actions and what kind of effect they have on the environment. 

Although Green Team dedicates time to organizing various events and activities, they also believe in the everyday practice of living eco-friendly. They believe that climate change is the greatest problem facing our generation and world today, and even developing minor habits will contribute to making a change. 

“Take the time to sort your trash!” said Richardson “Deciphering between trash, recycling and compost is a vital part to the environment and takes barely any time at the end of a meal.”

Other green tips include turning lights off when not in use, cutting out completely or eating as little meat as possible and educating yourself with documentaries on Netflix, Amazon or Youtube. 

Whether it’s attending the Earth week assembly or simply throwing away a water bottle in its correct form of disposal, the Green Team encourages you to do whatever you can to make a change. Stay tuned to this group of passionate students for more green tips and ways to get involved throughout the year!