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  • August 25Faculty and Staff orientation takes place on August 24-26 with NINE NEW faces.
  • August 25August 28 is the second day of Brave Welcome Orientation for Incoming 9th Graders
  • August 25August 27 is the first day of Brave Welcome Orientation for Incoming 9th Graders
  • August 25August 31 is Senior Orientation. The morning is online, and the afternoon is a quick visit to school
Lauren Jarman
Lauren Jarman is a thriving senior at Bishop Blanchet and cannot wait to be a positive contributor to the along with other BBHS content. She stays updated on current events through resources such as The Seattle Times, CNN, Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. You can often find her on Instagram and/or Youtube, as she uses both for a source of entertainment and social amusement.

During her Freshman year, Lauren was an avid participant of the bowling club and enjoyed socializing with peers over some friendly competition at Spin Alley. She could not commit to a BBHS sport due to being a competitive horseback rider, which demanded her to travel nationwide in order to show her horse at the level desired. Although not apart of a team herself, she loves cheering on her athletic friends in the gym, on the field, in the pool, or quite frankly, wherever she can! Lauren is counting down the days until graduation, but is soaking up every moment possible as she knows she will miss the Brave community and what it has to offer.

After graduation, Lauren is moving to Los Angeles, California to continue her education while simultaneously starting a career in the film industry. Lauren has always wanted to (and will) become an actor, screen writer and director for TV/film and major motion pictures. In Journalism, she is especially excited to further her photography skills and capture shots that will illustrate what it looks like and means to be a Brave.

Lauren Jarman , Reporter

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Lauren Jarman