Bowlers strike end to season

Lauren Jarman , Reporter

On February 12th, the students of Bishop Blanchet’s bowling team wrapped up a fulfilling season at Spin Alley in Shoreline. 

From November through February, the Brave bowlers participated in weekly matches after school each Wednesday. The final playoffs came down to teams “Children of Father Jay” versus “The Overstuffed Thunderballs”. The Thunderballs ended up defeating and taking the win. 

“My favorite thing about bowling is that everyone’s there to have fun” said senior captain Emma Van Hollebeke “it’s a really positive atmosphere, especially with Mr. Toby McGill cheering everybody on”. 

Although some bowled with leisure, others became quite competitive over the course of the season. From strikes to spares to splits, students of all grades worked their hardest each week to beat high scores and advance to the championships. 

“I love the social aspect of bowling” said Van Hollebeke “it is a great time to unwind with friends”. 

At Spin Alley, students always have the opportunity to order food and beverages from the cafe. While competing, teams snack on milkshakes and fries in between rounds. 

If interested in joining the 2020-2021 bowling team, talk to McGill in November of 2020 for more insight on the recreational, enjoyable sport!