Brave Beginnings on the Field

Lauren Jarman, Reporter

Last Wednesday night, Blanchet’s freshman boys took the field for the first time to play Lake Washington in an electrifying match.

Frosh boys truly gave it their all for the initial game of the season. As the first half of the game progressed, players and supporters began to lose hope as opposing team, Lake Washington, took the lead with one touchdown following the other.

However, the second half of the game had viewers on the edge of their seats and ended in a rightfully earned win for Blanchet’s newest players.

“I feel we could’ve played better, especially in the first half,” said linebacker and receiver Alex Good, “but we really came together as a team in the second half”.

After kickoff, the young Braves couldn’t help but let nerves get the best of them, allowing Lake Washington to get ahead by 14 points.

With the score eventually standing at 27 – 13, the players in green and gold felt defeated. It wasn’t until Ben Todd caught an eighty yard ball that the boys developed a fierce mindset to win.

Star players Tony Alan and Good ran fast and stayed defensive, scoring their first touchdowns of the season and helping their team advance closer to the strongly desired win. The score reached a suspenseful 27-26, with Lake Washington still in the lead and little time left on the clock.

“I feel like I perform best when I’m confident in what I am doing,” said Good “when I  remember everything we work on during practice”.

As the quarter came to a close, the persistent team didn’t give up confidence in themselves, playing strong until the very last second. With only minutes left to redeem themselves, Colin Campbell ran for two points leaving Bishop Blanchet in the lead by just one point.

The boys celebrated in disbelief as not only had they completed their first football game, but concluded the night with a victory! This passionate game gives an exciting insight on how the class of 2023 boys will strive on and off of the field, and we can’t wait to cheer them on every step of the way!