Shredding Gnar the Brave Way

Lauren Jarman, Reporter

On December 21, 2019, students of Blanchet’s Ski and Snowboard Club kicked off Christmas break with a day trip to Crystal Mountain.

The bus departed at the break of dawn and returned to Blanchet around dinnertime. Students from all grades participated in the winter fun and had a hectic day tearing up the slopes.

“The snow was a bit sticky,” said senior Ben Ryan “but in some areas there was great powder.”

Brave skiers warmed up on groomers before shredding the real powder. Skiing the double blacks at the top of the mountain were a crowd favorite, as the conditions got better the higher they went.

From bunny hills to back country terrain, Crystal Mountain is the perfect place for a diverse group of skiers, such as the Ski and Snowboard Club.

“My favorite part of the day was just spending time with my friends,” said senior Maria Gleason “and of course the hot chocolate in the lodge.”

Three lodges were available to the braves throughout the day, all offering exceptional food and beverages. It is not uncommon to see just as many students socializing in the lodge over a warm cup of cocoa as it is to see them on the slopes.

Blanchet encourages any student interested, regardless of your past experience, to join in on the next trip, taking place Saturday, January 18th at Stevens Pass. If interested in participating, reach out to Mr. Pierce for expenses and other information!