Bonded and winning, JV Girls finish season

The JV girls basketball team created inseparable bond with each other that has carried them through a long but very successful season 

Katie O'Kane, Editor

The JV girls had a strong bond that enabled them to end a long and hard season in an impressive third place. 

They consistently were one of the top 4 teams in the Metro standings. They fought hard through each game and with the help of their coach were technically and physically impressive. The team tributes their success to their hard work and strong team bond. 

“By the end of the season we were so close with each other and it was like we had known each other for years,” said Freshman Ella Yerkes. 

The team’s raw talent got them through the first few games of the season, but as they grew closer and closer, they were seemingly unstoppable. Their bond forced them to try even harder in games because they not only wanted to win for themselves, but also for each other. 

The team was really put to the test in their last game of the season against Holy Names. As the buzzer went off, Kaya Hanson shot a three that put them into overtime. After a long and hard fought overtime, the team won by four points.

“The most pivotal game was definitely holy names when we went into overtime and had to work our butts off to win,” said Avery Tacazon, “Our bond definitely helped us on the court because we could pass brain waves to each other and get easy baskets.” 

The girls know that if they had not grown so close as a team, they couldn’t have been as successful as they were. They fought for every ball every game just to help their team. These players have created strong friendships that will last them throughout all of high school and beyond.