Ultimate Frisbee hits playoffs

The Ultimate Frisbee team works hard and continues to push through the playoffs.

Rhys de Greef, Reporter

With a bittersweet season behind them, the Bishop Blanchet ultimate team began the playoffs with a solid win over Ballard High School. 

“We had a rough start to the season” said Coach Brett Hecko  “But recently the team has seemed to warm up and were doing a lot better.” 

The team was initially placed in the upper division, but due to the aforementioned rough start they were lowered to the second division. Although this was disappointing, Mr.Hecko thinks it’s actually a better fit. As the season gets closer to the end, the athletes seem to get more and more involved. 

“I love ultimate frisbee, and this season has turned out great,” said senior Sam Houck. “I’m disappointed this will be my last season here at Bishop Blanchet, but (Ultimate) will definitely be something I continue to do.” 

People who play the sport love it, and it has blown up across the Pacific Northwest.

Hecko says he expects an even bigger outcome next year than this and has high hopes for the future of the sport at Bishop Blanchet. 

At the moment the team continues to work and train hard topush further through the playoffs.