Shoot Your Green and Gold Shot

Not only is the girls freshman team off to an amazing start for their future high school basketball seasons to come, but the team dynamic is stronger than ever. Could the 2023 girl players lead Blanchet to state?

Maya Quinanola, Reporter

After a long arduous season, the freshman girls basketball team has learned very valuable lessons. However, as freshman year comes to an end, the girls have high hopes for the next three years of high school basketball. 

Freshman year can be a major milestone in one’s personal growth, as they are exposed to new changes in their learning and social environment. The most intimidating part of freshman year can be tryouts, but luckily the Bishop Blanchet community is widely known for their welcoming student body and staff. 

“Before I started practicing with the Blanchet basketball team I was nervous of the competitive and social aspect of the team” said freshman Lexi White, “but after playing, I learned my teammates were going to become some of my best friends at Blanchet.”

The varsity girls set a major example for the freshman as they continue their season into metros as 7th seed and 10th seed in districts.  The varsity girls basketball team models the importance of an empowering team dynamic because of their ability to successfully work together to score. In addition, they learned the importance of strong sportsmanship that will guide them through their next few years of high school basketball.

“If I were to take away one part of this season”  said White, “would be the importance of sportsmanship because it has taught me the impact good behavior can have on myself and my opponent [Another would be] having a strong team dynamic because the games we played our best when we worked together as a team.”

The Bishop Blanchet community encourages every student to be involved in clubs, sports, theatre, and other extracurricular activities.  When the school has a strong community, the Brave spirit shines green and gold.

“I am going to advise all incoming freshman to join the team” said White, “so far it has been my best decision of freshman year yet.”