Craving the Sweetness of Sweettooth

Amazing and catchy song written by Cavetown


Abigail Orse , Reporter

Robin Daniel Skinner, also known as Cavetown, is a new and popular artist and recently released an amazing song, “Sweettooth” which is his first single and music video.

Cavetown is a twenty one year old male from Oxford, United Kingdom. His amazing voice and creativity in songwriting has made him a star and role model to many teenagers and young adults in society today.

His newest hit, “Sweettooth”, was the first single to be released on his debut album, Sleepyhead. This song is going to be a total hit among teenagers. It has a very catchy beat, smooth rhythm, and fun lyrics. After listening to the song, not only do you want to play it again, but you can’t get it out of your head.

The lyrics and background music to “Sweetooth” were outstanding. Along with the amazing song, the music video stood out as well. The creativity expressed in this video was one of a kind. The unique idea of flowers and spraying and removing dessert toppings was a very creative way of applying the title of the song into the music video.

Cavetown has an amazing amount of talent and his new album is going to be a hit. Listen to “Sweettooth” today and be one of the first to hear one of the biggest and most popular upcoming pop songs.