Quarantine Entertainment

Maria Denning , Reporter

In this time of self isolation and social distancing many people, including myself, have found themselves with a lot of time on their hands . Some are filling this time up with new activities, sleep, and excessive amounts of internet. 

To keep myself entertained and take up the time I began a new show that could last me the entire time of the quarantine. I chose to start Criminal Minds due to its many seasons and episodes, ensuring I could watch past the quarantine date. 

This show has helped pass the time while also allowing me to get into a new genre of shows and expand my knowledge. The show is about a group of FBI agents that study and analyze crime cases. Each episode is a different story and crime, but the characters themselves developed and evolved allowing the audience to attach to them. I enjoy being part of the show and analyzing with the characters and the suspense behind each episode. Criminal Minds has also become the show that my family watches together every night as a way of connecting us and having a common thing between us during this time. 

“I love watching something as a family and getting to talk about it together,” said Susan Denning.  “Since we are so isolated and spending so much time inside, having this thing we do as a family makes me feel more connected to each other and is fun to keep up with.”

Even when normal activities are taken away, my family and others have become creative and found ways to enjoy each other’s company and create bonds through these activities.