Takeout from Varlamos not only satisfies your stomach, but also your heart.


Katie O'Kane, Reporter

During these crazy and unpredictable times, one thing we can always count on to give us comfort is the delicious takeout food from Varlamos. 

Varlamos is an independent, family owned restaurant on the corner 45th and 37th in Seattle. They serve Italian comfort that has loads of flavor and great taste. 

It is owned by the Varlamos family who are always in the restaurant interacting with their customers. They make it their priority not only to serve delicious food but also make their restaurant a place where people can come, hang out and just relax in a welcoming and comfortable environment.  

“I have been going to Varlamos since I was little, and it has always been my favorite restaurant,” said Helena Dougherty. “I always see people I know in there and the food is so good.” 

Not only is Varlamos a place to go to get amazing food, it is always filled with a community of great people. Most people living in Laurelhurst, Windermere and other North Seattle neighborhoods know about and love Varlamos. This restaurant brings together friends and family to enjoy food and make memories. A lot of kids in the area, including myself, grew up going to Varlamos and have so many memories there. Whether it is the end of the year sports party or family dinner on the weekends, Varlamos is the place to go. 

“Varlamos is where I always chose to eat,” said Mara Sovde. “Especially in these weird times not only because the food is so good, but because I feel the need to support them since they have given me so much.”

With Covid 19 tearing through the world, restaurants have been closed in order to prevent the spread of this disease. This poses a huge threat to small businesses that depend on their customers, like Varlamos. That is why my family and lots of other families woven into this Varlamos community are dedicated to ordering take out multiple times a week. 

The food is ready very quickly and tastes just as good as it would if you were to receive it in the restaurant. When taking out from Varlamos, one does not only receive amazing food, they know they are supporting a local restaurant that deserves it.