Gorditos restaurant keeps afloat during these unknowing times


Anais Erbe, Reporter

During these trying times, many restaurants struggle to keep open. Gorditos Mexican restaurant near the corner of Greenwood Ave and 85th is not one of these. With their quality, authentic food, Gorditios stays flourishing. 

Upon arriving, I noticed the parking lot was full of cars and the line was out the door. With the social distancing rules in place, they ensured everyone could get their food safely. 

Despite the long line of people, my food was made and brought to me very quickly. The burrito was fresh and still was warm off the stove. 

When I took my first bite, I was able to taste the freshness and quality of their burritos. Even the chips were made fresh, which is a great addition to their burritos. Along with burritos, they serve platters, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and many more. One of there most famous menu items is their baby burritos, this is a burrito that is the size and weight of a baby, around the restaurant they have pictures of babies compared to the burrito. Gorditos serves big portions at a reasonable price, I would definitely recommend to anyone who is craving authentic Mexican food.