Crafting the Way Thorugh Quarantine


Blanchet Senior Mason Wrenn

Maria Denning , Reporter

In times of boredom and isolation, people become creative with how they spend their time while also trying out new hobbies. 

Before a quarantine was placed upon Seattle, people had everyday activities that they participated in. Students had school and sports and adults had work.

Since the quarantine everyone has become more creative in how they spend their time and what activities they try out during this pandemic. During this time people are baking more, going on walks and exercising, and trying out different forms of art. Being isolated and away from friends can be hard, especially for teenagers and young adults. 

“I’ve tried so many new things since the quarantine started”, said Senior Mason Wrenn. 

Without school taking up most of the day, Wrenn and most other students are taking time to explore new hobbies and learn new skills. 

“I like to paint a lot”, said Wrenn, “ and spend a lot of time doing that”. and spend a lot of time doing that.

Wrenn has taken up baking for her family. Something they all support. Most satisfying, however, is the recent addition of a dog. 

“(The Dog) needs a lot of work and attention”, said Wrenn, “So we have been busy with her”. 

Although being separated from other people can be tough, it is allowing us to spend time doing the things we love and trying new things.