Bring Spring Break Home

Were you supposed to travel somewhere tropical over spring break but plans were canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak? Order from Verve Bowls to have a sweet taste of Brazil.

Maya Quinanola, Reporter

Quarantine has left many small businesses and local restaurants struggling to stay open; however, the food delivery company, Postmates, has allowed businesses to continue serving food to take out, while also creating, a fund for customers to donate to their local restaurants.

In particular, Verve Bowls is a popular Seattle-based shop for a refreshing snack. They sell acai or dragon fruit bowls to smoothies, avocado toast, kombucha, or coffee.  Especially as the Seattle-summer weather approaches, Verve becomes a popular demand. Luckily, in quarantine Postmates has the option to deliver straight to the door. 

“Since January of last year, I have had acai bowls roughly every day for breakfast, lunch, or dinner,” said Maya Quinanola. “If Verve had not opened for delivery, I honestly have no idea what I would be eating”.

Customer loyalty is very important to the Verve Bowls staff. The company firmly believes in education, communication, and encourages a healthy and affordable lifestyle. Community is at the heart of everything they do, shown through their infectious energy. 

Most importantly, the company has set special precautions to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Which includes mandatory safety measures for the staff to do their part in protecting the Seattle community. Verve loves to serve bowls and smoothies but the safety for the community is their number one priority.

“[We are] going cashless and accept credit cards only” said Verve Bowls Team. “Tap to pay is encouraged [and are] only using to-go bowls and all bowls will have a lid on them.”