Changing the Way We Learn

Once it was determined that the safest path was away from each other, ZOOM brought us together


Zoom screen shot

While discussing the complexity of the characters in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, the class stops working to pose for this screenshot of Mr. Grasseschi’s First Period AP English Literature and Composition class.

Abigail Orse, Reporter

Bishop Blanchet High School, along with many other schools, has transformed to online schooling due to the CoronaVirus.
This has been a big adjustment for all students and teachers as they are no longer learning and communicating in the classroom and in a school environment.
This transition has been hard on everyone because they are no longer able to have face to face interactions with their friends and they are missing out on crucial aspects of high school. Seniors are missing out on long held traditions that have been a part of Bishop Blanchet for years. Their prom, graduation, baccalaureate mass, and many more might be taken from them.
“It makes me sad thinking that all the traditions I got to see other seniors do might not happen for us,” said senior Matthew Martin said, “I miss walking the halls of Blanchet and learning in the setting of a classroom. Online school has been hard, and I miss seeing everyone in person”.
Blanchet has continued to do school on the app Zoom. This is an app that allows the students and teachers to video chat. Zoom has made online school more efficient because students and teachers are allowed to have conversations and present class notes with the students.
Although Zoom has allowed Blanchet to have online school in the most effective way, it is still not the same for the students. CoronaVirus has made a huge impact on the way we live our daily lives. Online school has taken away students’ in-person interactions together and has changed the way we learn and do our work.