Missing Out On The Senior Spotlight


Chris Grasseschi

The scoreboard read 2020 in tribute to the senior class On April 17.

Maya Quinanola, Reporter

Majority of Bishop Blanchet students are involved in sports and clubs. Senior night is a time to recognize all senior athletes in front of their coaches, teammates, peers and family. In addition, it brings closure to students athletes who do not plan on advancing to the next level of competing in college.
At Blanchet, several of the seniors on the tennis team have advanced to State competition since freshman year. They have spent countless hours at winter training, preparing for their last tennis season Meanwhile, they looked forward to congratulating each other for their outstanding effort as a team on senior night. However, the season did not go as they had hoped and they missed out on one of the biggest nights of high school sports.
“I had a senior night for swim team, but tennis was a major part of my high school experience,” said senior Owen Heffernan. “I was looking forward to celebrating with the many seniors who I have been competing with since freshman year, I am very disappointed with the outcome of my last tennis season of high school”
The Blanchet baseball team prior to the season had high hopes about advancing to state for the 2020 spring season. Seniors Jarek Woodward and Cody Dries are committed to division I colleges and will continue their baseball careers at the next level. However, for many of the seniors this was their last chance to compete for their school.
“I would have cherished my last game a little bit more if I had known that would be my last game in high school with my teammates,” said senior Ryan Moore. “I certainly wish I was able to have closure with baseball and my team, but it is what it is.”
Senior night is not only a time where they are recognized for their hard work, but they are appraised by their coaches, mentors, friends, and family. In addition, the seniors earn gifts to remind them of their commitment and intensive training for their last year of playing for Bishop Blanchet.
“Freshman year when the seniors had their last home meet, I looked forward to my senior night speech and emotional celebration with my teammates that I now consider my family,” said senior Helena Dougherty. “Before I leave for college, I will never see my coaches and mentors who shaped who I am today as a person, athlete, and lead me to state, extremely saddening for me.”
Most importantly, seniors need a hug for all the high school experiences they will be missing out on this time of year. Give a senior a hug either from six feet apart or virtually, stay safe!