Ballots Are Cast, and Class Cabinets Take Shape


Miter Staff

Delayed a week by COVID 19, Bishop Blanchet’s class of 2021, 2022, and 2023, voted from the home to select their cabinet for next year.

123 Freshmen filled out ballots today, and they chose the following people as their representatives.

  • Rebecca Maw
  • Charlotte Gallaudet
  • William Shelton
  • Sly Marona
  • Riley Carolan

The Sophomore class chose the following as their Junior class cabinet.

  • Tiffany Blanco
  • Owen Duffy
  • Will Hunt
  • Timmy Oishi
  • Maren Wegley

107 Juniors took their first steps as seniors and chose their class cabinet.

  • Claire Bratrud
  • Danielle Jaculewicz
  • Fiona O’Donnell
  • Claire Summers
  • Rolfe Zeisner

The new cabinets will meet with their moderators before fall to decide which positions will be filled by whom.  Because the new senior class officers will need to begin the process of finding a location location for Prom,  they will meet next week to decide their positions.