Legacy Council Celebrates With Urban Native Educational Alliance

On February 11, Bishop Blanchet’s Legacy Council went to North Seattle College to celebrate Urban Native Educational Alliance for being an institute for the past twelve years. 

The Urban Native Educational Alliance (UNEA) or formally known as the Clear Sky Native Youth Council is a group of young active students who gather weekly to discuss the lack of cultural awareness among Native Americans. With their weekly gatherings, they have life skills training, education on specific skills, community service, and more. All the activities and programs are designed for Native Youth. 

Earlier this year, Jesse McFeron, an English teacher at Bishop Blanchet,  reached out to Sarah Sense Wilson, the Chair of Urban Native Education Alliance, to have the Legacy Council meet the UNEA and to tour Licton Springs. Licton Springs is located in North Seattle and is the center of this community. While talking to Sense Wilson, the Braves were invited to this celebration. 

Kelli Christensen, McFeron, and seven other Blanchet students headed to North Seattle College to Celebrate.

“They had drummers, singers, dancers, a comedian and had just a huge celebration”, said McFeron. 

At the celebration, they had comedian Mylo Smith. Smith speaks at casinos, comedy clubs, and native communities. He focuses on his life experiences with violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and Native American heritage.

 It was also catered by Off the Rez food truck. It is Seattle’s first Native American food truck. In the middle of November, the food truck came to Blanchet to celebrate Native American Heritage week. Bishop Blanchet’s Legacy Youth Council had an amazing time celebrating the twelve anniversary of the Urban Native Educational Alliance.