How The Virus Can Get Personal

Maria Denning , Reporter

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the lives of many people have changed.

Due to the growing rate of deaths and infections, many states have been put on lockdown or are self isolating to ensure the virus doesn’t spread as quickly.

One of the places that was also affected by this epidemic is Dublin, Ireland. They got put into lockdown and have banned travel in and out of the country. 

One of the people that are working to help with this crisis is Karen Denning. 

“Usually my job is to be working on medicine that could cure cancer” said Denning. “But in times like this anyone that works with pharmacies is also working on this case.”

Her  job is still considered essential, but she can work  from home. Every employee is expected to help so a treatment can be found faster.  

“Apart from still working,” said Denning, “The quarantine has been tough on me and the kids. I’m used to having the kids at daycare during the day and help from others. Now I’m full time working while also entertaining two young kids which is hard.” 

The quarantine has created hardships for all types of families and people, especially those that work on the forefront of the virus.