Puzzling our way through the Corona time

Maya’s 40,320 piece puzzle

Abigail Orse , Reporter

Maya Quinanola is making the most of this quarantine and is finding interesting and fun things to do while also also challenging herself.. She has purchased a 40,320 piece puzzle in hopes of finishing it in one week.

This project will take a great amount of time and effort but will never fail to keep Maya Quinanola busy. It is important to stay busy and to keep our minds fresh during these crazy times.

Quinanola plans on spending around a week on this puzzle, and it excites her more than anything else. This project is a great way to spend time at home and it is something many people can say they have never done before.

“It is going to be very challenging and I am a little nervous”, said Quinanolia. “But I am more excited than scared because I personally love things like this, and I am going to work very hard on this project”.

As many teenagers might view this puzzle as a burden, Quinanola views it as a fun, challenging, and exciting way to spend her time. She plans on spending around 4-6 hours a day working on this puzzle. This is a large amount of time for one to sit and focus.

Although this time has left many of us bored, not many people can say they have tried doing a 40,000 piece puzzle as a way of bringing excitement into their lives. This is a very unique experience that most people would not have taken on.

“This experience has forged excitement in me and added an element of challenge in my life” said senior Maya Quinanola, “ It is a great way to pass time during quarantine and keep my brain sharp and active”.

This time has been a challenge for everyone but it is important to keep ourselves busy. Doing a challenge like Maya is a great way to stay busy and enjoy your time in quarantine and challenge your brain.