Trump fires watchdog Linick in questionable move

President Donald J. Trump claims to be ridding his administration of “Deep State” conspirators.

Rhys de Greef, Reporter

President Donald Trump is no stranger to firing and replacing many government figures.

On May 16, State Department Inspector General Steve Linick became most recent on the list, according to a May 15th report on CNN.

The report went on further to state that since Trump’s impeachment acquittal, he has been firing a series of independent government employees. Many Democrats condemned the dismissal; they feel as though Trump’s first reaction to scrutiny on his administration is to fire the individual.

Trump claims this is all in an effort to dismantle the “deep-state” group he feels is trying to take him down.

A separate anonymous state department employee close to Linick told CNN that the dismissal was “scary and completely unexpected” and that there were no signs of it beforehand and no further reasoning beyond Trump’s disdain for the deep-state.

The dismissal is said to go into effect within the next 30 days, and the Trump administration is trying to find a replacement currently.