Living In New York During Corona

Rhys de Greef, Reporter

Corona has taken the entire world by storm in the past few months, but one of the places hit the hardest has been New York City.
It has the highest mortality rates in the country due to the huge population and how densely compact many parts of the city are.
Brooklyn resident Nabeel describes life in the city during corona.
“It’s weirdly quiet outside, the streets are never empty obviously because its New York,” said Nabeel. “But there is definitely a noticeable difference.”
Nabeel says walking on the streets is sometimes eerie due to how different it is to the New York he’s used to.
“People are also a lot quieter when you talk to them,” he said. “The few people I’ve seen have just seemed like they don’t really want to talk much. That makes sense I guess.”
He says he hears a lot more music coming from neighbouring apartments nowadays though.
“A lot of people in this area are out of work right now, said Nabeel, “so I think they’re just trying to entertain themselves. I’ve also heard some of that yelling you see in videos sometimes, it’s pretty crazy,”
He says that he thinks the city will have a quick recovery though.
“Most of the people I know are actually dying to go to work,” said Nabeel, “so I think once the quarantines over people will get back to normal pretty quick.”
Overall he says its just quieter and slower and hopes that it ends quick. Most cities have been experiencing similar experiences throughout the quarantine.
Many seem have been quiet but people are finally starting to get reenergized.