Virus Complicates Food Delivery


Rhys de Greef, Reporter

Getting food delivered to the door is something that has really gained traction in recent years. Sure there’s always been pizza delivery and things like that, but apps like UberEats and DoorDash have made it possible to order food from almost any restaurant without even having to make a call, and someone will pick it up for you and bring it to your house.
The arrival of the Corona virus, however, has shaken this system up a bit.
Having another person handle your food and bring it all the way to your house is an obvious exposure hazard.
Many companies have put a contactless order system in place, where instead of meeting your driver at the door they will just leave the food on the doorstep.
Restaurants have also started spraying down delivery bags with disinfectant to try to prevent spread of germs. Drivers themselves have said that they’ve begun to spray and clean their cars more often and many also wipe down bags to be extra careful.
Each part of the system is doing its part to make sure food delivery remains as convenient as possible.