Frosh Experience

A look into the experiences and minds of the incoming freshman.


Vivian DePina

Freshman Sofi Selland in the Freshman section during Homecoming Assembly

Vivian DePina, Reporter

Two months ago marked the beginning of the Frosh Experience at Bishop Blanchet. This year we are finally back together, in person, to enjoy classes, assemblies, and masses. The Freshman get to create new friendships, new normalcy, new experiences.

“In short terms, it’s not what I expected fully. My classes are going as predicted; pay attention or you’ll miss something that you’ll need later, turn in your assignments on time to get full credit, have at least a couple of friends in each class to reach out if you’re in need of help. Although it’s not like the movies, being able to meet new people, learn something new, discover a new sport I like, is all a part of what I look forward to doing everyday at school”.(Sofi Selland, Freshman)

As we start this school year we have new conditions to come back to, such as Covid mandates that restrict different events and traditions.

“Covid is pretty annoying, lunch is more annoying because of it, harder to make friends in some classes because we are all spread out, but it is mostly ok” (Keton Britz, Freshman)

Starting high school is an experience, with a new environment and grade level. Many freshmen feel that the beginning of their high school escapade is a difficult time while others have been able to adjust greatly.

“I’m getting the hand of everything and I’m hoping that joining more clubs and sports will put me out there so I can be more involved in the community. I’m quite pleased with all my classes and teachers. I can reach out to them whenever and I know they will help me with whatever I need. I like how I have friends who can reassure you that you are not the only one struggling and how they can congratulate you on something that you did well on. We can build each other up and motivate each other to do better.” (Sofi Selland, Freshman)

Describing the experiences so far in a word or phrase would be seen as a range of responses. From “Tedious, I’m having a pretty difficult time here so I’d use the word tedious” (Keton Britz, Freshman)  to “You have to learn to be a self starter.” (Sofi Selland, Freshman)

Freshman, Sofi Selland, believes that school this year will be amazing, and is able to create new connections and experiences. Through classes, lunches, and class gatherings.

“I am excited to finally be able to work toward my future” (Sofi Selland, Freshman)