Cafeteria Goes Cashless


Julia Egtvet, Reporter

Over the summer, Blanchet announced that the cafeteria would no longer accept cash, moving to a fully cashless system for food purchases. 

Students had different feelings about the change, but overall, most responses were positive. While some were unaware of the shift, others seemed to be unaffected. 

When explaining the switch in systems, one source close to the author said, “Wait! I can’t pay with cash anymore?”

Ms. Katy Mathews, the Director of Food Services, explained that the change was primarily caused by COVID-19. Additionally, by eliminating cash, lunch lines are moving faster and cashiers do not have to take the time to count and reconcile their cash till at the end of the day.  

Students expressed concern that if they forgot their student ID cards or their parents did not reload money, they might not be able to get food.

Ms. Mathews stated, “If they don’t have their ASB card then they just go right into the activity office and Ms. Laura Fieser will give them a temporary.

When asked if only being able to pay with her student ID would affect her, Junior Nina Park said, “Honestly, no.” 

At the end of the day, students are still lining up for food at lunch and are excited to get back to sitting with their friends and chatting about their day. While this new system may take some getting used to, most Blanchet students support the shift to a cashless cafeteria.