Students Bring Back Blanchet Pride With Rowdy Homecoming Week


Vivian DePina

Cheerleaders and Staff during supersonic tradition

Maura Mansker, Journalist

Homecoming week brings halls full of buzzing students, decorations, and a gym full of spirit on Friday for the assembly. From cowboys to athletes, Blanchet students did it all this week. A trip around the United States presented a week full of state-themed dress up days, with a rest stop in the middle of the week to allow for a flex day. Homecoming is an exciting week for Blanchet students, with Friday night lights and a fun dance in the gym to end the week of festivities. 

Monday morning, students walked into the halls decked in beach wear, ranging from tropical shirts to pool floaties and goggles. ASB brought the student population a road trip themed Kahoot and costume contest at lunch. Class cabinet and students decorated the halls in class colors and fun posters to be ready for the spirit assembly on Friday. 

Tuesday gave a time for choice, as students were fighting between country and country club themed outfits. Cowboy hats, boots, and flannel shirts created a rivalry between tennis skirts, khakis, and polos. On Wednesday, the school was given a break with a “rest stop” on our road trip. The flex day gave students a chance to get a quick break from campus, and catch up on work. Back on Thursday, students showed up in jerseys and Broadway outfits, to fit the theme of New Jersey versus vs. New York, athletes versus Broadway. From basketball, hockey and football jerseys, to characters and classical actors and actresses, Blanchet did not disappoint on this day.

Students had waited a year to return to school for a fun filled week in October to show their school pride. Sophomore class cabinet member, JJ Kane, said “the class cabinet is excited to be part of our first real homecoming week. The planning has been great because it’s an experience we have never had before.” 

The sophomore and freshman classes have never experienced a full homecoming week, and they showed up with their school spirit this week, with dress up days and class competitions. The seniors also had an exciting week, because their last homecoming at Blanchet means going all out. Senior class cabinet member Olivia Sandelbach, said “it’s been really exciting to plan, because we get to go all out this year. We get to come back and do it all, and I’m looking forward to winning this year.”

On Friday, students, especially upperclassmen, went all out for the last day of the week. The spirit assembly was at the end of the day at the end of homecoming week, and all four grades were dressed in their class color for the theme, USA. Seniors showed up in blue, juniors in white, sophomores in red, and freshmen in green. With a decorated gym and lots of activities put together by the class cabinets and ASB, volume and energy was on high in the gym. The senior class won the events of the week and the class wars on Friday, putting them in a good place for the festivities of tradition week in the spring. 

At 7 p.m. on Friday night, the student section of Blanchet, home on Mickey Naish field, came together to support their football team, and breast cancer awareness, in an army of pink shirts, boas, and face paint. At halftime, Blanchet was down 13-27. Three touchdowns secured the win after the half, by sophomore Sam Merriman, junior Zach Barber, and senior Henry Johnson. An impressive block was made by Junior Ben Todd off of Roosevelt’s kick, which fixed the score to beat the Riders. The final score of 34-27 brought together the long night of cheering, spirit, and pink. 

To finish the week, Saturday was the homecoming dance in the Blanchet Gym. In a sea of purple, green, and gold, the Mardi Gras themed homecoming brought together the whole school for the first dance since fall of 2019. Senior Josie Partridge remembers a moment at the homecoming dance, where she went into the dance circle for the first time ever, recalling the feeling of “a supportive environment, where everyone was cheering for me.” The loud music, bright colors, and good energy filled the gym and brought the students together for the final night of homecoming week.