Mocking-up a New Moniker

The Miter Staff

As Bishop Blanchet students file into the stands on Mickey Naish Field, filled with excitement and ready to support their peers at games, they are asked not to scream “Home of the Braves” at the end of the National Anthem. At the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Bishop Blanchet, guided by a Moniker Review Committee composed of Board of Director members and staff, chose to officially retire the moniker “Braves”. As the school year is in full swing, the discussion of what the new moniker will be has taken center stage.

A series of moniker surveys have successfully involved Blanchet students in the decision of picking a new mascot, but concerns have been voiced about the speed at which the task is moving. Therefore, The Miter staff has decided to take a stance and help guide the decision-making process. Throughout recent conversations, staff members developed a long list of mascot ideas. Most proposals center around animals or objects that start with the letter B and will fit the school colors of green and gold. Seniors working on The Miter are concerned that they will be active in determining the new name, but then will likely not get to experience the benefits of Bishop Blanchet with a new moniker. Additionally, many feel disappointed that the sports teams currently lack an identity. This can make cheering more difficult. Right now the school’s plan is to announce a new mascot sometime in the 2021-2022 school year. 

Some names that The Miter staff ruled out during debate are the Lakers, Bulldogs, and Bananas. They do not match the energy that students are looking for to chant and cheer in the stands. Names that the staff like are Bald Eagles, Boas, and Bears, but only if it is a black bear since they feel more native to the Pacific Northwest. Our final recommendation, however, is the Bulls. Reporter Maura Mansker demonstrated a cool hand symbol that Blanchet could use, similar to the one used by the Texas Longhorns. Additionally, a bull is a mighty and strong animal which are characteristics worthy of embodiment by students and teams. One of the greatest benefits of going by the Bishop Blanchet Bulls is that no school near Seattle has that moniker.

The Miter staff along with the student body is excited to continue the journey to find a new school identity. Boas or Bananas, Bulldogs or Bulls, students eagerly await the day we get to call out something new, but until then school spirit is still alive and strong at Bishop Blanchet.