Blanchet Roughs Up the Riders, Pink Out Style

Paulina Prechtel, Reporter

Walking into the football stands was almost as if stepping into pink cotton candy, everyone decked out in their gear, showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Every year around the beginning of October, Bishop Blanchet commemorates all of their homecoming sports games to Breast Cancer Awareness, by having all audience members dress in pink. In an effort to also make a direct impact on this matter, the school holds a fundraiser by selling pink shirts to the student body, reading “BLANCHET 2021.” As a school, we have raised $3000 which will be donated to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Women’s Center, in support of local breast cancer care and research.

The pink out means a lot to me because my mom has breast cancer, so it makes me feel happy that people are supporting it,” exclaims senior Josephine Contreras.

All the pink must’ve distracted Roosevelt’s team, as our Bishop Blanchet football team ended the night with an unanticipated victory!

Losing for the first three quarters of the game, senior Henry Johnson made a 30-yard touchdown with six minutes on the clock, bringing us to a tight tie.

With two minutes left on the clock, Roosevelt was making their last effort to break the tie by kicking a field goal, only for Blanchet junior Ben Todd to block it, with Sam Merriman scooping it up to run across the field for the game winning touchdown!

“I think the outcome of the game was very unexpected, but I was very proud of the team and our student section. Go Blanchet!” expresses senior Katie Lantz.