Music Returns With Fall Choir Concert


Maura Mansker

Mr. Kirk Roa leads his choir in vocal warm ups

Maura Mansker, Journalist

With the return of the Fall choir concert, the Bishop Blanchet gym was once again filled with harmonic music, voices, and clapping hands. 

 At Blanchet, there are many choir programs to choose from. With student athletes, actors and actresses, artists, and more, the choir program pulls from all social bubbles of high school. These freshman through senior electives, taught by Mr. Kirk Roa, a BBHS alumni and first year choir teacher, are a great choice for all. 

On October 24, the Blanchet Choirs got the chance to perform for a live audience for the first time in over a year. An opportunity last year’s choir students missed, was not taken for granted by current students. 

Seven weeks of preparation led up to this big day for students and their teacher. “A lot of hard work has gone into the preparation of this concert and we are ready to share our music,” Roa states, “We have had a total blast putting together our concert repertoire.” Junior Jackie Holloman agrees with her teacher. “It was so much fun and rewarding to finally perform,” stated Holloman, “I loved being in front of my family and friends to show off my hard work.” 

Before the Sunday concert, Mr. Kirk Roa stated, “I am looking forward to having the entire Blanchet community experience choral music in-person. It has been a long while since choirs have been able to perform and I am most excited for others to enjoy live music again.” The last choir concert was in 2019.  

After hours of music, green and yellow choir robes, and adoring parents and fans, the first choir concert of the year concluded. All went to plan and the choirs were prepared for their time of performance.  “It was really fun and energetic,” stated junior Grady McCoy after the concert, “everyone really liked being there.” 

The performance ended with the combined choir singing “This Little Light of Mine,” a highlight to the day for performers, director, and listeners. 

“I was pleased that the students brought a high level of enthusiasm and professionalism to their performance.” stated Roa post concert. 

Mr. Roa feels blessed for his role in students’ lives. As an alumni and a student who was immersed in performing arts, he has been heavily influenced by the arts as a musician today. When given the opportunity to come back to the community that he grew so much in, Roa didn’t hesitate to come back for his “dream job.”

Based on the success of the first concert, the rest of the year will bring much more good music and excited students from the choir program. Mark your calendars for the next choir concert, on December 12th. The Christmas concert music will also be performed at the Christmas music assembly on December 10th during school.