Zipping into 81!


Stephan Prechtel

Opa Prechtel prepares for flight!

Paulina Prechtel, Reporter

Who would’ve ever known that hidden amongst the metropolitan city of Bellevue, there would be a forest hosting an incredible zipline tour?

A couple weekends ago, along with my family, we visited the Bellevue Zip Tour, not knowing what to expect. We were led by two very amicable leaders, Lauren and Konstantine, who made our experience much more enjoyable. To our surprise, we were to cruise down seven different zips. 

“I am finally flying high in the sky at 81,  with my family joining the fun!  …. And I am loving it!” exclaimed my grandpa, Anton Prechtel.

With original hopes of going skydiving for his birthday, as a family we decided ziplining was a good middle ground.  Though it was not as he was originally expecting, the smile on his face was not shy while zipping down the courses.

It’s quite unbelievable that an 81-year-old grandpa went ziplining. I mean, even our leaders were impressed.  

Opa never stops amazing those around him, which is a big reason why he deserved at least a taste of his life dream.

Stephan Prechtel