Hollywood Loses Another Legend

Luke Galloway, Reporter

On January 6th we lost an iconic actor and an even greater man. Sidney Poitier set the bar for all future generations and inspired the likes of some of the greatest actors of our generation.

So many great actors were inspired by the bravery and hard work of Sidney, he truly made his career about purely acting and being a good role model while doing so. The first African American and first Bahamian-American actor to win the Academy Award for best actor, the golden standard for all actors. Born in 1927, Poitier lived such a long and fruitful life, accomplishing so much for himself and and so much for all in his same career path. 

Denzel Washington, the late friend of the legendary actor, described Poitier as both a “mentor” and a “friend”. Washington has always been very public in his admiration of his friend and role model, Sidney Poiter, who he said “Opened doors for all of us that had been closed for years”. Poitier was always known for his gentle and humble personality that would light every room he stepped into. 

Being the influence and the great actor he was, Sidney Poitier starred in at least 39 movies, most noteworthy being “ In the Heat of the Night” (1967) and “ A Raisin in the Sun” (1961). Oprah Winfrey, yet another iconic television figure, was another close friend of Poitier, said the first time she had Sidney on her show she thought she “wasn’t good enough” so she wanted to call him and apologize to him after the show, but the phone call ended with Poitier saying it was him who “wasn’t his best” that day. But it’s not just these two actors, Sidney Poitier left his mark on so many more actors and people in general. In addition two just as iconic actors; Morgan Freeman and Will Smith, also paid tribute to the legacy of Poitier and how his standard influenced their careers. 

“An icon, legend, visionary, and true pioneer,” the words that describe Sidney Poitier perfectly, these are the words of Will Smith. Another one of Poitier’s closest friends in the acting world, Morgan freeman, a man he was so comparable to in his career and how gentle and kind they both were and are. “Sidney was my inspiration,” said Freeman, “my guiding light, my friend”. Sidney Poitier was the bright light in every room, his impact will not only be forever remembered but looked up upon.

As everyone continues to send their thoughts and prayers to Sidney and his family and friends, we say goodbye to yet another legend whose legacy shall never die. From the beginning of his illustrious career, Sidney never made it about anything, he never let anyone look down on him or get put into a role in society, he was just being an actor because that’s what it was all about for him, and making others smile along the way.