A Labor Of Love: Local Tide Serves Fresh Seafood To Fremont


Julia Egtvet, Reporter


Local Tide is a vibrant restaurant located in Fremont, serving fresh and unique takes on traditional Pacific Northwest cuisine. 

Starting with pop-ups in the famous Pike Place Market, owner Victor Steinbrueck was able to open his restaurant in summer 2020 amidst the pandemic. The seafood is all sourced from local fisheries, which ensures the quality and freshness of the ingredients. 

Local Tide twists the classic BLT by adding a piece of salmon and freshens a traditional Filet-o-Fish with a piece of Dover sole. A must-try is the Rockfish Banh Mi, which packs tons of flavor into a Macrina Bakery baguette. The hardy sandwich pairs nicely with the Salt and Pepper Fries. The Salmon Sando is a perfect sandwich to taste just how fresh the ingredients are. 

The highly coveted Crab Rolls display how much care goes into each plate. Because they take hours to prepare, the Crab Rolls are only served on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and they sell out every time they hit the menu.

There are a couple of vegetarian options on the menu along with the Smash Burger for non-fish eaters. Additionally, pay attention to the ingredients because a couple of unsuspecting items include pork. 

While some dishes could dial down the salt, overall Local Tide is delicious for a quick casual meal to share with friends and family.