Ski and Snowboard Club Shreds Slopes


Isabela Cobley

Junior skiers enjoy the view on a bluebird day.

Maura Mansker, Journalist

There are many clubs at Bishop Blanchet, and one of the most popular seasonal clubs is the Ski and Snowboard Club. 

This club, run by Mr. Michael Pierce, goes up to several mountains close to Seattle on several weekends during peak season. From Crystal, Stevens, and Summit Central, the ski and snowboard club offers a bus ride and tickets to eager students.

There are about 200 students enrolled in the club’s Google Classroom, and about 45 students have been on each trip so far. 

“I love the fact that the trips attract students who are crazy good and it attracts those who are just learning,” said Pierce, “We all come together, look out for each other, and help each other out. That’s always the BBHS way!”

The goal of this club is to give students the chance to get out into nature with friends and have fun, bringing the community together. With a bus taking students up and back from the mountains, nobody has to drive themselves or get a ride from their parents. 

“Ski and Snowboard Club has brought me some of my best friends while doing something I love,” said senior Grace Westling.

Westling is a captain of the club, and has spent the last few years participating in the club and helping with logistics, including designing Ski and Snowboard Club sweatshirts for this season. She has been most looking forward to going to Crystal Mountain with the club. 

The latest trip to Crystal Mountain last Saturday, the only one of the season, was a great success. 

“Even though the snow conditions weren’t great, it was a really fun and pretty day,” said junior Isabela Cobley, “and I got to ski with my friends all day.”

The snow around Washington resorts has been consistently scarce this January. Most mountains are turning into ice sheets with groomers, and Crystal is no exception to the underwhelming weather this winter. However, with the many green, blue, and black runs, more than other local mountains, Crystal offers variety to all skill levels. 

With students of all ability and experience, the buddy system allows the club to spread out across the mountain with friends, making sure no one is left alone. At the end of the day, the bus brings students back to where they left from, outside of Blanchet. 

The next ski and snowboard trip is on February 12th, and the club will be going to Snoqualmie.