New Teaching Beginnings in the Theology Department


Isabela Cobley, Reporter


There are a few changes within the Theology department and campus ministry that students will notice this semester with Mr. Scott, who is taking on a new temporary role on campus. 

In early December of 2021, Mr. Scott announced to his students that he has been chosen to temporarily take over a spot in Campus Ministry and begin teaching Ms. White’s Theology of the Body class while she is on maternity leave for the rest of the school year. With his departure a new long-term sub Ivonne Lathan would be taking over his classes at the beginning of the second semester.

“It’s something I’ve definitely wanted to do and I had experience doing,” said Scott, “campus ministry was like a home for me in high school and college. It was a place I found myself comfortable being in and the adults I had relationships with there.”

With the new opportunity, Scott is excited for his new change in position at Blanchet. He wants to make campus ministry accessible and welcoming to all students at Bishop Blanchet.

The reaction from his students was very disappointed, as they are losing a beloved teacher midway through the school year. 

“It was a big shock to me when I found out that Mr. Scott wasn’t going to be our teacher,” said Junior Olivia Defeo, “everyone was definitely sad about it.”

This change begins a new chapter for our new long term sub, Ms. Lathan. She has two boys attending Blanchet in the 9th and 10th grade.

Ms. Lathan is very excited to be a part of the Bishop Blanchet community and is ready to take on the new challenge.

“I’ve been involved in the church for so long,” said Lathan, “I’m excited to be here at Blanchet and be involved in the community because everyone here is super kind and genuine.”

Even with the change, students will be able to see the bigfoot-loving teacher during retreats, liturgies and beginning new programs with campus ministry, as well as around campus and in his office. And as for Ms. Lathan, you’ll be able to see her around the school or in the classroom teaching as we welcome her into our Blanchet community!