Changing The Future

Luke Galloway, Reporter

As February progresses, we continue to celebrate Black History, during this great month-long holiday. We recognize those in our country’s history that have helped set the standard for equality and as well have reached the people of America on an emotional level. The history of black people across the world has been cruel and unjust but, over time there have been leaders and heroes who have broken color barriers and largely contributed to the greater evolution of equality. Our country celebrates this month as a recognition to those who have not been fully informed on the history of African Americans in our country, but also as a commemoration to all the great African American influences.

The foundation of the democratic society we live in today was built on the evolution of racial equality and civil rights, and it is important that we know the history of it. As we know, America wasn’t always striving for unity, and sadly there are still people who hold onto white supremacy which continues to be a roadblock in equality. From the beginning of The United States, African Americans have been unfairly looked down upon until recent history, rooting back to the first enslaved Africans in the 1600s who were never given a fair opportunity. But, this month is about celebrating the amazing African American leaders in our country’s history and the legacy they left. We celebrate all the great African American figures; past, current, and future for the work they have put in or will put in. As this country progresses, we need to continue to practice equality and show love to everyone and stand up against discrimination.

The Civil Rights movement gave us some of the most inspirational leaders in American history, which gave us some of the men and women that helped lead this country towards equality. There are way too many influential African Americans to talk about them all in this article, but being one of the most iconic and significant leaders, Martin Luther King is the front page of Black History. MLK led a movement that inspired all of our future generations of Black Americans to do their part in creating equality for African Americans. To truly be the land of the free, America must be free for all of its citizens and the struggle and hardship all African American ancestors have gone through were to get the equal rights and treatment they rightfully had.

All in all, this month is about celebrating African Americans in society; past, present, and future, and acknowledging the fight in these men and women and how great their influence has been on our country.