Procopio Hits Home Run with Graduation Venue Announcement


Julie Gallaudet

Mr. Procopio displays T-Mobile Park field to students

Paulina Prechtel, Reporter

Bishop Blanchet High School recently announced that their 2022 graduation will be at T-Mobile Park, the home of the Seattle Mariners.

Last year’s class of 2021 had their graduation ceremony at T-Mobile Park as well, due to Covid conditions. The opportunity to invite more family members and have a bigger space excited the students so much, Blanchet decided to do it again.

“I’m so grateful that as a class we have the privilege of being able to continue our graduation traditions at a pronounced location.” said graduating senior, Olivia Sendelbach. “It’s a huge relief that we are able to work around the obstacles that the pandemic has presented to us. It makes me very happy knowing we have faculty and staff that are passionate about making this possible for us, and can’t wait for what is yet to come!”

Olivia, along with many of her fellow classmates are extremely excited to experience a very special moment in a very special place. Blanchet’s own faculty is also ve

ry emotional to see yet another graduating class at T-Mobile Park.

“I am really excited for Bishop Blanchet to use T-Mobile park because students will be able to experience this significant once in a lifetime event.” said Blanchet History Department teacher Mr. Toby McGill. “It is so important for students in the Class of 2022 to be able to enjoy the graduation experience while living in a state with strict limitations on social celebrations.”

Wrapping up another unique school year at T-Mobile Park has the whole Blanchet community on their toes.