Blanchet Hosts Another Successful Vaccine Clinic

Over 70 booster shots were administered in just a few short hours.


Annie Rosenthal

Stepping stone Pediatrics workers and volunteers on a break from administering booster shots.

Annie Rosenthal, Editor in Chief

On Friday, February 4, Bishop Blanchet hosted a COVID-19 booster clinic, run by Stepping Stone Pediatrics. The clinic was open to all students who had filled out a consent form. 

This booster clinic was created as a way to help combat the rising number of COVID cases, and to better protect our community. Originally planned to last throughout the day, the hours were shortened due to low attendance, and closed just after 12:30pm, after serving over 70 students and faculty. This was the third clinic hosted by Bishop Blanchet, with the last two being in May and June. “Overall, it was a positive experience, and one that we hope continues to keep our community safe.” Said Mr. Bilanko.

Senior Oksana Moraleja, one of several who received their third shot at the clinic, said, “I had been planning on getting it in general but I was planning to wait so that I could see how it went for the people who got it. The booster happening at the school just happened to be at the right time.”

As we see a sharp decline in new COVID cases both in Washington and nationwide, and talk of ending mask mandates gains traction, many hope that these coming months will see the end of Coronavirus. But just because the pandemic is winding down doesn’t mean Bishop Blanchet should stop urging students and faculty to get vaccinated, and some hope this means that the school will host regular vaccine clinics for flu shots.