The World Stands With Ukraine

Ely Ponti, Reporter

On February 23, 2022, CNN reported that President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops into non-alliance regions of Ukraine. Over 100,000 Russian troops and thousands of combat trucks had been lined up on the Ukrainian border for months. NBC News said the first attack was launched, making it the biggest catastrophe in European history since World War II. Russia bombed Ukraine around the capital of Kyiv and several other cities. Fox News said that on the first day of the Russian invasion, 57 people died and 169 were wounded. While Russian attacks take place, Putin has stated that if any outside countries interfere, that there would be consequences no one has seen before, threatening nuclear weapons. 

Ukraine and Russia have historic ties being part of the USSR before Ukraine collapsed and became independent in 1991. Putin feels that if Ukraine joins NATO and seeks alliance, it would threaten Russia because they would be too close to western countries values. NATO countries are supporting Ukraine and don’t believe the Russian attacks are justified. From the New York Times, Ukraine is protecting their country with military forces and ordering 18 to 60 year old men to serve in the Russian attacks. Many of these individuals have had no military or training experience. 

“Hearing about the Russian invasion on Ukraine has devastated people around the world and going forward will hugely impact the United States and world,” said senior Stella Shamulka, “it is important to keep the people of Ukraine in our prayers and send positive thoughts their way.”

Since the Russian invasion, Ukraine has gained support from countries all over the world. Switzerland and Finland have remained neutral from military, political, and economical alliances for centuries. Reported from New York Post, on March 1, 2022 Switzerland and Finland broke silence and have allied with European Union sanctions and may be interested in joining NATO, in support of Ukraine. 

“What is happening in Ukraine is very tragic and many innocent lives are being taken. It is extremely scary for what might come in the future because of Putin’s actions.” said senior Alexis Anderson, “Russia should not have resorted to violence over the disagreement about Ukraine joining NATO. You know Russia was wrong when their actions forced Switzerland to pick a side.”  

Lastly, Fox News reported that Putin’s actions have led the United States, Canada, and European countries to form sanctions against Russia that will negatively affect civilians and the economy going forward. In regards to the disapproval of invading Ukraine, large companies have discontinued products and cut ties with Russia. Gas and Oil companies such as BP, Shell, and ExxonMobile will no longer be involved in oil supply. Several tech and entertainment companies including Google, Apple, Netflix, TikTok, Youtube, and DirectTV will no longer be supported or sold in Russia. Movie productions made by Warner Bros, Disney, and Sony Pictures will be discontinued and unavailable for Russian access. Many airlines such as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines have stopped all flights in and out of Russia. 

Ukraine has immense support from countries around the globe. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps with humanitarian crises to help survive, recover, and rebuild lives. Rescue teams are located in Poland and are working with Polish and Ukrainian partners. The IRC supports families in Ukraine by giving them critical aid for every donation they earn. As a community we can learn, share, and donate to organizations that help the people of Ukraine who have to live through this horrific tragedy.