Bears Battle for a Place at State


Jack Kingston, Reporter

After an impressive 11-3 regular season, the BBHS varsity women’s basketball team began their march through the fast-paced metro-league playoffs looking for an opportunity to qualify for the state tournament. 

With the regular season over, the Bears sat third place in Metro League standings and turned their attention to the Metro league playoffs, which also offered an opportunity to qualify for state. These games would stretch over just ten days with BBHS playing six in total. 

“It was very mentally and physically draining, but the reward was insane. Once we stepped on the court everything just went away” said Varsity Point Guard Kea Maider speaking on the difficulty of playing so many games in such a short amount of time.

Despite the overwhelming amount of games and travel, the Bears went onto dominate their first five games of the playoffs. Starting their run with a 58-20 win over Ingraham on February 8th, and a 76-39 win over Roosevelt on February 9th to get the Bears off to a fiery start. 

Playing their third consecutive game on February 10th, the Bears snagged another win against Holy Names, winning 43-30 and advancing onto districts. This is where the chance at state was on the line and the girls would continue their impressive performance with a close 42-39 win over Juanita on February 12th. Ultimately the Bears run would end in two close losses to Lakeside and Eastside Catholic, ending the season just short of a state tournament. 

Despite falling just short of state, the BBHS women’s basketball team has a lot to be proud of. They were led by five incredible seniors, Grace Sauvage, Kea Maider, Mattie Preece, Leila Hosn, and Elle Zook who devoted themselves towards giving this team the best season they could ask for. 

When asked about what it was like playing her final game in a BBHS uniform, Grace Sauvage says “I am proud to have finished in that uniform.I wouldn’t have wanted to be wearing any other colors than green and gold” said Sauvage. 

A season to remember for sure, and one that these seniors will certainly never forget. While this season may be over, the preparations for next year have already begun, and once those cold November nights roll around next fall, BBHS women’s basketball and its players will return with the passion and enjoyment they bring to BBHS every year.