Ready Teddy Go!

Bears Dress Up as Care Bears and Play Games to earn points for Tradition Week


Vivian DePina

Wednesday is Care Bear Day. The Bears dress up as different holiday Care Bears. Freshman, Halloween, Sophomores Christmas, Juniors, 4th of July, and Seniors, Saint Patrick’s Day. End of day assembly filled with different activities. Starting off with the Volleyball finals, next the Students versus Staff dodgeball match, followed by the Seniors versus Junior flag football game. To end off the day we had the Lip Sync Battle Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Staff. Check back in tomorrow for an update on Tradition Week.

Junior Power: Gracie Kindred, Isabela Colby, and Maura Mansker repping the 4th of July Care Bear (Julia Egtvet)
Junior Sofia McGinnis rocking out and doing splits during Junior Lip Sync
(Vivian DePina)
Senior Lip Sync led by Senior Isaac Stevens (Vivian DePina)
Juniors versus Seniors: Flag Football Finals (Vivian DePina)
Students versus Staff: Dodgeball (Vivian DePina)
Power Couple: Seniors Georgia Backschies and Brennan Meighan using their knowlege to dominate trivia (Vivian DePina)
Teddy Set Go! : Relay Racing for class points (Vivian DePina)
Junior Will Jarvis racing for first (Vivian DePina)
Freshman tethered together to finish the race (Vivian DePina)
Senior Will Gillespie getting ready to win the Volleyball match (Vivian DePina)
Brewster: Being the referee and making calls for volleyball finals (Vivian DePina)