Berenstain Bears: Strike a Paws


Walker and Froland teaming up to match in their Blanchet gear

Vivian DePina

Thursday, the fourth day of Tradition Week. The Bears group up to match outfits and truly live the Berenstain life. Twins, triplets, and sleuth of bears dressed up, here is a collection of the multitude of matching outfits. Come back tomorrow to get a final update for Tradition Week 2022.

Skirts for all:  collaborate with matching sweatshirts and skirts. Sophomores Pauline Jaculewicz, Lianna Kauffman, Dexter Farewell
Brendon Manzano, Ben Marion, Adam Canto, and Duncan Lee team up to win the lunch time costume contest
Seniors Malai Richardson and Zoe Berge matching outfits and self portraits
Seniors Nathan Tafalla and Erika Murphy loving the twin day
Borrowing dad’s shirt to match? For Seniors Rachel Drechsler and Panory Britz that answer is YES
Alvin and the Chipmunks! Teachers Meaux, Boyd, and Pouley complete the triplet group
Seniors Tom Dundas and Dylan Brown make a deal to dress the same for the day
Juniors Sofia McGinnis and Christine Cainglet match from head to toe
Seniors Dorothy Prosser, Arianna Abalos and Chloe Schuler repping their drama program sweatshirts to match
Head to toe: Seniors Jillian Walls and Elle Zook match from the sweatshirt to the slippers
Flannel Power: Juniors Sydney Janik and Abbey Williams pull out flannels to twin