Dances Return!


Scott Graff

Students prepare for the first Winterball since 2020.

Annie Rosenthal, Reporter/Editor

Following two years of no dances and all major school events being on hold, this past March held the first winter ball since 2020, and took the place of this year’s Tolo. 

    The dances were initially postponed due to concerns from a recent rise in Covid cases, and concerns from the Department of Health. Once the CDC lifted guidelines which had previously prohibited gatherings such as dances, the BBHS faculty moved forward with scheduling as many dances as they could with the time which remained this school year.

    Similarly to Winter Ball, the Quad Dance, which would normally take place in September, will be taking place this coming Friday, April 8th. It was postponed in September due to a rise in cases.

    In regards to the cancellation of Tolo over Winter Ball, Mr. Bocian said, “Out of the five yearly dances held by Bishop Blanchet, this year, we are capable of holding four, which is far more than we could have hoped for just a few short months ago. The dances this year will be the Quad Dance, Homecoming, Winter Ball, and Prom. The only dance to have been dropped was Tolo, and that was only due to time limitations.”

    Winter Ball and the Quad Dance were also dances that Mr. Bocian and the Leadership committee had previously promised would be rescheduled as soon as it was deemed safe to do so.