Reminiscing About The Past Year


Vivian DePina

Senior class in togas at Tradition week assembly.

Ely Ponti, Reporter

The school year is almost coming to an end. Summer is rolling around the corner and there is so much to look forward to. This was the first full school year since Covid-19 hit, and it had a lot of highs.

The school started off with a great football season with school pride and students back on the stands. “We all cheered and hyped everyone up because it was so long since we had true school spirit,” said senior Alexis Anderson, “It felt like we all had to catch up because we missed a whole football season the previous year.”

Tradition week was full of classes coming together and participating in themes and competitions for the assembly. During the week, students went all out for one of the theme days particular. The theme was to Bring Anything But A Backpack Day. Seniors Cole Mason and Jacob Youngblood brought a bike and a garbage can for their backpacks. At the assembly, seniors dressed up in togas and the rest of the school dressed in their assigned class color. Each class participated in sports and relays to win points for their class.

Winter Ball and Tolo was a conjoined dance this year. It was the first semi-formal since coming back to school since being gone for the past year and a half. The Winter Ball was at The Nile Golf Course in North Seattle and all grades were invited to come. “It was fun getting ready with all my friends for a semi formal dance,” said senior Lauren Thomas, “it’s been a long time since we all dressed up together and it’s great going to the Nile again.”

The drama department did The Drowsy Chaperone. In preparation, the cast practiced for the musical for months and did tech week the week of opening night at the Moore Theater, located in Downtown Seattle. “The costumes were fantastic and the way they put the whole musical together was impeccable.” said senior Vivian Depina. 

Finally, Senior Prom is happening May 14th at the Fremont Foundry. Seniors get dressed in formal prom dresses and suits and ties. People will come later in the evening in groups or with a  date and will have a fancy dinner with a lot of dancing. “I’m so excited to spend our last dance with my fellow senior class as a last hoorah to our four amazing years at Blanchet.” said senior Paulina Prechtel. 

With summer break just a month away, we have so much to be grateful for. This past year we got to be in person learning and celebrate being back as a community.