Sam Merriman Leads Bears to 38-28 Victory Over Redmond


Emily E. DeFeo

Blanchet students show their spirit for the first game agaisnt Redmond.

Emily DeFeo, Reporter

Junior running back Sam Merriman started off in mid-season form last Friday night at Redmond Stadium, rushing 16 times for 274 yards and four touchdowns in the Bear’s season-opening victory over Redmond. 

The energy at the first game of the season was wild—The Blanchet student section was roaring with excitement, students wore bear gear and green and gold colors, and the cheerleaders led exciting cheers to get students moving. The seniors were also getting the underclassmen hyped up as well. 

Merriman’s first game of the season thoroughly impressed Coach Dominic Salle. Merriman is nominated for state player of the week by Scorebook Live, and this week he leads by 400 votes. “Sam had a really good game, he is a really fast player and a good running back, and we are excited to see him run more this season,” said Salle. 

As Merriman kept scoring touchdowns the students went wild in the stands, cheering, yelling at the top of their lungs, dancing, chanting and having such a blast. The students loved being a part of the first game and supporting their Blanchet Bears in their Bear spirit against Redmond for the start of the season. 

After the game, Merriman impressed Gaskill by being a team player and acting humble after such a great game Gaskill noted,  “From my side of Mr. Merriman was the first player to help take things out of the buses after the game.” Gaskill was very impressed by Merriman’s help and said, “That is the stuff that stands out to me in a player.” 

Coach Salle expressed optimism and excitement by the turnout of the first game by saying, “I was very impressed with the turnout for a roadgame that was pretty far away, I am excited for more turnouts like that for the rest of the season.”  Up next Blanchet Bears travel down to West Seattle to face O’Dea on the football field.