Bears On The Runway


Nadia Kostecka

Hank Flandreau ’24 and Victoria Fairchild ’24 share their fashion looks.

Nadia Kostecka, Reporter

As Bishop Blanchet students return to the classroom, they are bringing fashion fun with them. With intensified dress code rules this year, Blanchet students are getting creative with their looks.

This year at Blanchet, teachers and staff are cracking down on dress code rules laid out in the school handbook. This means many convenient outfit options like crop tops, tank tops, certain skirts, shorts, etc. are unavailable for students. This has left students getting creative with their attire and finding ways to express themselves through their fashion.

Hank Flandreau, a junior, was seen strutting his eye-catching look with leg warmers this Wednesday, stating that “I’ve been really into knit lately… even though knit was really big last year. I think it’s making a comeback with the winter weather and I’m excited to see more of it”. 

Students like Hank have been finding fun ways to spice up their outfits with things as simple as leg warmers while simultaneously keeping up with popular fashion trends. While some students like Hank have been finding it easy to adjust to the dress code, others have been struggling. 

Pauline Jaculewicz, a junior, shares how difficult it has been to feel comfortable in the clothes she’s wearing with the current forecast. She explains, “Well, I’m a crewneck kind of girl, but it’s way too hot to wear crewnecks right now. Most of my shirts aren’t dress code either”. 

Jaculewicz shares her simple tip on how to combat this obstacle. She spills, “I’ve been sticking with high-waisted pants to eliminate any midriff, while still looking cute. This ensures I’m in dress code”.

Adding a touch of originality to fashion is one of the easiest ways of incorporating creativity into the Bishop Blanchet community. When students like Hank and Pauline have the opportunity to express themselves in their fashion, more students open up and find themselves being creative too.

As the 2022-2023 school year continues, more exciting Blanchet fashion is sure to arise. Liana Kauffman, a junior, shares that she is “excited to see how fashion progresses at Blanchet this year.” 

While students navigate around the intensified dress code rules this year, they continue to be more creative and original in their fashion looks, which is exactly what the Bishop Blanchet halls need.