New Bear Uniforms Unveiled


Nadia Kostecka

Bears varsity soccer team rocks their new uniforms during warm-ups for last week’s match

Isabela Cobley, Editor

The fall sports season has begun for all athletes, with many having their first games within the week. But students may now notice a new change in school uniforms that our athletes will be wearing.

Bishop Blanchet’s new moniker the Bears has been added to uniforms,  and the school has also changed the Blanchet kelly green has turned into a darker forest green. 

“Yes, we’ve ordered new uniforms for every team,” Athletic Director Mr. Sean Gaskill said, “but it’ll be whether we get them in hand by the time the season starts for athletes to get the new uniforms.”

The football team experienced this issue of not obtaining the new uniforms from Nike because of a production shutdown this past May. A new deal was made with BSN Sports to give the football team new Bears uniforms for the current season. The plan for the old Bishop Blanchet uniforms will be made into a “retro/throwback” uniform for special games. They will also serve as a backup in case the new uniforms do not arrive in time for the team’s first game.

The new Bears uniforms seem to be a hit with the student athletes as well, since their input has been taken into account for the new design and the change of color.

“We all really like the dark green color more than we thought we would when we were told about it last year,” said senior volleyball player Maura Mansker.

We will even see new iconic tracksuits being sported around from our girls soccer team on their gamedays.

“The new green is a lot better than last year’s Puma jerseys,” said senior girls soccer player Brooke Heynen, “but the new warm ups take the cake, they’re really swag.”

We will soon see all of our athletes rocking their new dark green Bishop Blanchet Bears uniforms in the upcoming seasons. It is a great new change all students and athletes will embrace as our school continues to embrace the newly appointed Bears moniker.