Homies in the Hallway: Maddie Stanley

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Maddie Stanley

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Maddie Stanley

Julia Egtvet, Editor

This month, The Miter asked junior Maddie Stanley to answer 10 fun questions.

Q. What are you most looking forward to this year?

A. I’m looking forward to football games, team spirit, and the new bear mascot.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Burmese food

Q. If given the opportunity, would you go to Mars?

A. I think so, yeah.

Q. What is your favorite seat on an airplane?

A. The window seat.

Q. What is your favorite grocery store?

A. Met Market 

Q. What is your dream job?

A. I want to be orthopedic surgeon.

Q. What feature do you think Blanchet should build or create?

A. More parking spaces!

Q. What is your most listened to song?

A. Applebottom Jeans

Q. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A. New York City or Georgetown

Q.Most worn item of clothing?

A. Moussey vintage jeans