Jarred Kelenic: Mariners Legend


Jarred Kelenick swings for the fences. Photo/William Reed, Baseball Spotlight

Blake Sandvik, Reporter

Jarred Kelenic, the top prospect in the Seattle Mariners organization, is off to an impressive start to the 2023 season. The 23-year-old outfielder has given some hope to a team in need of a spark. Throughout the first 28 games, Jarred Kelenic is slashing .310/.377/.955. 

Born on July 16th, 1999, Kelenic attended Waukesha highschool, playing multiple sports. Kelenic was considered the top prospect in the country and was drafted straight out of high school by the New York Mets, before quickly showing potential in the minors, slashing .320/.392/.624. 

The Seattle Mariners made a bold move when they traded for outfielder Jarred Kelenic, one of the top prospects in baseball, in a deal that sent Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz to the Mets. Kelenic was seen as a cornerstone in the outfield by Seattle’s front office. The Mariners, who had a reputation for being frugal and reluctant to make significant moves in the past, changed their approach as a result of the transaction. However, the team showed their dedication to developing a successful team for many years by signing Kelenic. Kelenic has impressed the Mariners organization ever since he joined them with his abilities on the field and his work ethic off of it, making him an important member of the team. 

With Kelenic making an immediate impact, the Mariners are hoping to repeat their memorable season last year, making the postseason and having a chance at the World Series.  Fans hope that Kelenic will provide a spark to their offense, which has struggled in recent years. He has shown an ability to hit for both power and average, and his speed on the basepaths allow him to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. Additionally, his defensive skills have proven to be a plus this year to this mariner’s team, his strong arm and athletic plays are already making immediate impacts to their scary outfield. His presence on the field should help the Mariners improve their overall defense, which could be a key factor in their success this season.

With the Mariners signing Julio Rodriguez to a 12-year contract, and Jarred Kelenic off to a hot start, this power duo is going to be an issue for opposing teams. Their combination of power and raw talent has earned them the moniker of “Scary Duo” in baseball circles. With their skill sets and tireless work ethic, Kelenic and Rodriguez are sure to leave a lasting impact on the baseball world.  

Despite early hitting struggles, Kelenic shows flashes of potential, and the Mariners are counting on him to be a major contributor this season. With his revamped swing, newfound maturity, lack of meltdowns, and the success he is having this past month in the batter’s box, we can comfortably say that Jarred Kelenic has arrived. The version of Kelenic that had everyone on the edge of their seats when he debuted, with flows of superstar energy and potential, is finally here. And it all looks very real. He continues to be a main starter in the Mariners outfield, with Julio, showing major arm strength and looking a lot more comfortable in the batter’s box this year. With this new version of Jarred Kelenic, the Mariners are primed to make a turnaround and a run at the postseason.