A Blanchet Legend: Ms. Roe


Isabela Cobley, Editor

When I was given the prompt of writing about a Blanchet Legend I thought of none other than the fabulous Ms. Roe.


Ms. Morgan Roe is the pinnacle of joy and kindness within our Blanchet Faculty department. She is also a Bishop Blanchet Alumni, graduating in the class of 2014. She teaches US History and Economics ultimately impacting those who enter her class, as well as leading Kairos furthering her impact on our student body. She is also the current senior class moderator, she helps in planning events that will make memories that last a lifetime for our senior class such as prom (which she did a fantastic job) and senior sunrise. Her amicable smile does not falter when speaking to her at any point of the day, any student at Blanchet is lucky to grace her presence.


When interviewing Ms. Roe, I wanted to get a deeper understanding of what makes her who she is and why she became a teacher at Blanchet. 


Q: What made you go into teaching?


A: WELL! I had some amazing role models who inspired me, specifically Ms. Murphy, Mr. Hecko, Ms. McGovern, Mr. McGill, Mr. Finn, Ms. Armstrong, Mr. Frost, Ms. Olsen, Senor Gamez, Mr. Gaskill… just to name a few of the good people who were so kind to me! I felt like they brought out the best version of myself, so I think being a teacher felt like a natural way for me to continue trying to be a better version of myself.


Q: What made you want to come back and teach at Bishop Blanchet?


A: It is interesting and wonderful to be back at Blanchet. Honestly, I wouldn’t say I loved high school, as it is such a weird time in anyone’s life, but I always felt supported here by the faculty and staff, so coming back to teach here felt like a real opportunity to give back. 


Q: What makes running an escape for you?


A: Running is so amazing. It is a space to connect with other people. It also mirrors life in a lot of ways. Sometimes it is easy and fluid, and other times takes a fair amount of inner discipline to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I think it helps me to work through all of life’s weirdness. I am grateful to be able to run 🙂


Q: You have a special connection with my class, what makes our class (2023) so special to you?


A: I am OBSESSED with the class of 2023 – as I sense you noticed. Partly because I started teaching here 4 years ago, you are the first class I have seen all the way through, and we have shared all the weird ups and downs together. I also think this class is really spunky with kind energy. I laugh so much with this group and am sad you are leaving 🙁 Please keep in touch, cute people!!


Q: What advice would you give to the graduating class of 2023?


A: My advice would be to be kind and remember that your grades don’t define you!! And neither do accomplishments or awards. This is not to say that you shouldn’t work hard or strive for goals, but just to remember the bigger picture of why you do what you do. It is how to treat others that speaks volumes about your intelligence!


Ms. Roe is by far one of the most impactful teachers at Bishop Blanchet, as I leave high school I will never forget her kindness and cheer as I enter the next chapter of my life. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience her love before they graduate, and Ms. Roe if you are reading this, thank you for being who you are and I hope your joy never goes away.